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"At first everything appears normal ..." by Elissa Barnard, Arts Reporter for The Chronicle Herald, Canada, Sat., Sept. 12, 2009
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"What happened to Jeff? Well, I am not exactly sure..." by Amanda Campbell, critic blogger at The Way I See It, Fri, Sept. 11, 2009 read more

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Jeff Onore is a performing artist and a writer, with projects ranging from acting to singing; playwriting to poetry. A variety of his work is outlined below.


  • Wilmington Fringe Festival, Wilmington, DE, Sept/Oct 2010

  • Slip and Fall Guy Kansas City Fringe Festival August 2010

  • What Happened to Jeff by Jeff Onore, Atlantic Fringe Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia Sept 2009

  • What Happened to Jeff by Jeff Onore, 1 x 1 Festival in Cambridge and Newburyport, MA, 2008

  • DIG THIS!: an exploration of darkness, distress, derangement. Composed of three segments, DIG THIS! presents diverse characters linked by their extreme devotion to their own personal realities, Stage Left Studio, NYC, 2007

  • A Busy Guy With a Lot of Problems by Jeff Onore, Winner New England Fringe Festival, Boston Center for the Arts, 2008,
    Independent Submarine's 1 x 1 Festival of Solo Performance in Cambridge, MA, in May 2005, and at 1 x 1 Redux in Newburyport, MA, September 2005

  • True West by Sam Shepard Devanaughn Theater, Boston 2005

  • I am Perverse Enough to Desire Something, I Think by Richard Foreman, Theaterzone, Boston and The Red Room, NYC 2003

  • Film “Union Square” Boston International Film Festival 2006

  • Film “Ear Whacks” Sundance Entry 2009


Along with stage and film, Jeff is a songwriter and musician. His CD of all original songs also titled “What Happened to Jeff,” has been played on 125 radio stations and reviewed coast to coast. Click here for clips.


Short Plays: “Let Freedom Ring” won the New Works Festival 2007
Also produced: “The Realtor”, Psych Date” and “The Robotic Baby”

Full Length Plays: "The Shoe Store" and "The Robotic Baby"

Three short pieces of fiction (poetry) can be read online from when Jeff was poet of the week at Poetry Super Highway.