ROBOTIC BABY is playing May 18-20, 2012 at 8 pm at The Tannery in Newburyport!

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"At first everything appears normal ..." by Elissa Barnard, Arts Reporter for The Chronicle Herald, Canada, Sat., Sept. 12, 2009
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"What happened to Jeff? Well, I am not exactly sure..." by Amanda Campbell, critic blogger at The Way I See It, Fri, Sept. 11, 2009 read more

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Learn more about North American fringe festivals. Jeff says “There is a ton of talent out there. I've seen provocative and hilarious theater. People dedicated to providing opportunities to artists. Vivid performances involving hurt to hula hoopists. People writing and performing their work. Audiences so appreciative that in Kansas City I got a sitting ovation!"















press release October 6, 2016

"Holiday Meshugas" at Actor's Studio of Newburyport
December 9, 10, 11, 2016
"Grampa Moves Back to Jersey"

Jeff recounts Grampa's life in this festive/grim holiday jeff onore and christmas treefable, including selling Christian artifacts in Rio De Janeiro, swimming across the Atlantic holding a potato, and losing everything in the dry cleaning crash of 1929. Learn about Gramma squeezing the blood out of a pound of chopped meat, bargains on coffins and Grampa's theft of 100 pairs of women's underwear. Always a revealing slice of family life, and the holiday memories that shape us.



robotic babyNormal gets turned on its head for this suburban family on the brink, when a Robotic Baby enters their lives as part of a high school Sex Education Program. This not-to-be-missed original comedy, “ROBOTIC BABY” by Jeff Onore, is returning to Newburyport in a truly hilarious, side-splitting, snortingly funny full-length, after making its infant debut as a ten-minute piece in the 2005 New Works Festival. Outstanding, witty, and absurd, this black tour de force simultaneously embraces and rejects our notions of nuclear family, public education, and normalcy as we observe how a rubber baby is given a mixed welcome by a bewildered family, unexpectedly arousing every family member, neighbors, and school officials alike.

Directed by Suzanne Bryan. Cast includes Bonnie Lake, Tom Adams, Kimberly Holliday, Abby Seabrook, Cam Netland & Jeff Onore. Stage Manager Amy Lejeune.

Shows: Friday, May 18 at 8 PM; Saturday, May 19 at 8 PM; and Sunday, May 20 at 7 PM
Venue: The Actor’s Studio of Newburport, The Tannery, Mill #1 Suite 5, Newburyport, MA 01950

For reservations please call 978-465-1229 or purchase tickets:

introduction to jeff onore

Jeff's solo show "What Happened to Jeff" was #1 Fan Favorite at the New England Fringe Festival, Boston Center for the Arts, 2008. He has performed in the Kansas City Fringe Festival, Atlantic Fringe Festival, Halifax NS, 1 x 1 Festival in Cambridge and Newburyport, MA, in the Red Room and Stage Left Studio in NYC

"...wickedly funny, decidedly edgy. . ."
- Fosters Daily

"...the left side of life, hip, urbane, style all his own”
- Metronome

“manically focused performance….. entertain with the darkest of black humor”
- Syracuse New Times

In this captivating, deadpan expression of urban loneliness and disconnection, Jeff Onore delivers a series of vignettes pegged to life's realities (weddings, fatherhood, work) which fold quickly into mesmerizing, startlingly funny tales of darkness and absurdity. A grown man eats crayons and tenderly parents a robotic baby; his family's multiple therapists compete for influence; his incorrigible dead father intrudes in the unlikeliest way. Grappling with improbable memories and health challenges, the character looks back on his life and hires a team of “revisionators” to make changes. Reviewers say: "...wickedly funny, decidedly edgy. . ." "A captivating performance that goes beyond the sardonic wit of the comedian"… "the left side of life, hip, urbane, style all his own.” Jeff Onore's previous show -- What Happened to Jeff -- took top honors at the New England Fringe Festival, Boston, in 2008.

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